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A look at the day of a gamer - his room, his Internet connection and be amazed how many things can happen - when you are crazy enough.

TAGLINE: "Gaming is not a game!"

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Its release date is Saturday May 29, 2004

Production details

DirectorDaniel P. Schenk
CastAlexander Roth, Andreas Gregorius, Daniel P. Schenk & Maya Schenk
Country of originGermany
Release date2004-05-29
ThemeGames, Illusion, Suicide & Video Game
Place settingPennsylvania & Pittsburgh
LocationIllinois & Los Angeles
ScriptDaniel P. Schenk
Runtime39 min
HomepageA Gamer’s Day Homepage

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A Gamer’s Day | May 29th, 2004

A Gamer’s Day
8.3/10 | By Daniel P. Schenk
Germany | Action
Amazon Prime Video