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Can you stream the Horror movie The Summer of Massacre, directed by Joe Castro & starring Brinke Stevens, Cleve Hall, Lisa M. Garcia & Nick Principe on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
Streaming Guide: The Summer of Massacre

This anthology slasher film presents eight killers in five gory tales.

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Its release date is Saturday May 7, 2011

Production details

DirectorJoe Castro
CastBrinke Stevens, Cleve Hall, Lisa M. Garcia & Nick Principe
Release date2011-05-07
ThemeCannibalism Fiction, Nuclear War Weapons, Revenge, Self Harm Fiction, Suicide & Summer Camps
Place settingAbandoned Houses, Los Angeles & Texas
Time setting1973
LocationLos Angeles & Texas
ScriptJoe Castro (chapters 1-4) & Schroeder (chapter 1)
CinematographyDaniel Pearl (cinematographer) & Nick Oulette
MusicAndy Garfield & Steve Jablonsky
Runtime98 min

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