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Kumara Devan and Ponnan are best friends. Kumara Devan is an ardent devotee of Muruga to the extent where he believes he was born to be a devotee of Muruga. Ponnan is a practical man and also a devotee. Ponnan's life was saved by Kumara Devan during an accident and they are as close and inseparable as brothers. Life goes on with Ponnan getting Kumara Devan one job after another which he keeps losing thanks to him forgetting everything when he hears or sees Muruga. Finally, he joins the job of breaking stones in temple building activity. He sees corruption there when the contractor/caretaker, Major Sundarrajan, short changes the workers. He also gets ostracized when he objects to keeping the lord waiting for the caretaker to come and start the pooja on time. One thing leads to another and he gets thrown out of the city.

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Its release date is Saturday April 12, 1975

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Cast A. V. M. Rajan, Jaya Guhanathan, Major Sundarrajan & Thengai Srinivasan
Release date 1975-04-12