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A German commander places a squad in extreme danger after its Sergeant refuses to lie for him.

TAGLINE: "Captain Stransky, you are the rest of my platoon"

Its release date is Saturday January 29, 1977

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TopicAnti War World War II, Battle For Power, Commander, German, Hostility, Lieutenant, Russian, Troops & World War Ii
GenreAction, Drama & History
CountryGermany & United Kingdom
DirectorSam Peckinpah
StarringDavid Warner, James Coburn, James Mason & Maximilian Schell
LocationCroatia, Slovenia & Yugoslavia
Written byJames Hamilton (screenplay), Julius J. Epstein (screenplay), Walter Kelley (screenplay) & Willi Heinrich (based on the book by)
CinematographyJohn Coquillon
MusicErnest Gold (composer)
Runtime119 min

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