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A German nurse gets sent to the front because she gives medical aid to a wounded Serbian partisan during World War II.
Its release date is Thursday February 11, 1954

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TopicAnti War World War II, Germany & World War Ii
GenreDrama, History & War
CountryAustria & Serbia
DirectorHelmut Käutner
StarringBarbara Rütting, Bernhard Wicki, Carl Möhner & Maria Schell
PlaceWar Partisan Yugoslavia
Written byGustav Gavrin (additional material), Helmut Käutner (screenplay), Helmuth Ashley (additional material), Norbert Kunze (screenplay), Rados Novakovic (additional material), Stole Jankovic (additional material) & Tanasije Mladenovic (additional material)
CinematographyElio Carniel
Runtime102 min

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