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Gu Nian was a full-time housewife leading a happy life until her husband becomes involved in a criminal case and gets exposed for infidelity. Gu Nian's husband, Song Jia Chen, is a successful lawyer and their family of three lived happily. However, everything changes when Song Jia Chen was not only embroiled in a crime but also caught cheating on her. Gu Nian finds work at a law firm through Feng Sheng's referral and attempts to start over. Through her stellar performance, Gu Nian gains the recognition of Ling Yi, a partner at the law firm, and works to help Song Jia Chen clear his name. The workplace has made Gu Nian more independent and strong to not only usher in a peak in her career but also move forward bravely and fearlessly to safeguard the fairness of the law.

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Its air date is Monday August 8, 2022

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Cast Dai Xu, Quan Yuan, Wang Herun & Xiaoming Huang
Genre Drama
First Air date 2022-08-08
Theme Rose War
Runtime 45