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Ye Xi, a kindhearted woman determined to become a martial arts hero, had fantasies about the martial arts world and true love when she first entered this world. She kept fighting for the weak against the strong, yet she didn't know that human beings could be evil and was repeatedly exploited, cheated and betrayed. She was even betrayed by the "kind martial arts master" who she had thought she could rely on. Her reputation was ruined and someone attempted to murder her for a few times. However, despite those heavy setbacks, Ye Xi remained true to her original aspiration and believed that good would always prevail over evil. She tried her best to reveal the truth and clear her name. During this time, Bai Yue, a miracle-working doctor saved her many times and was always by her side. Ye Xi also grew up, became stronger and more confident and learned what real love and martial arts spirit truly are. With Bai Yue's help, Ye Xi wiped out the evil people who framed her and became a true hero.

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Its air date is Sunday January 29, 2023

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Cast Huang Riying, Li Hongyi, Zhang Xinyan & Zhu Zanjin
First Air date 2023-01-29