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Fingal, the Celtic hero, betrayed to the Angles led by Aeric The Axe is murdered. Meanwhile, Roderich (Robert Jan Szemis), the governor of Strathclyde, preparing to make himself a king by marrying the daughter of the Leader of Ulster, Langoreth O'Neill. Roderich has his own daughter Melangall , who is a disappointment to him, banished to the farm of a serf in the loch lands. Fingal's daughter Ethne with the aide of retainer Domlech sets off after the Angles to avenge her father and seek help from the Picts. However, the Angles are having their own difficulties - their ship has been stolen by a Fresian merchant Aldric who had been held captive by Aeric.

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Its release date is Saturday September 30, 2006

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Release date2006-09-30
ThemeTerrorism, Terrorism United States & Torture
Place settingMontenegro, Prague & Uganda
LocationCzech Republic