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Can you stream the Action movie Duelist, directed by Aleksey Mizgirev & Myung-se Lee & starring Ahn Sung-Ki, Ha Ji-won, Kang Dong-won & Song Young-chang on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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Set years ago in the era of the Joseon Dynasty, the story follows a young police officer named Namsoon (Ha Ji-won) who, along with her fellow officers, discovers a counterfeit ring ...

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Its release date is Thursday September 8, 2005

Production details

Director Aleksey Mizgirev & Myung-se Lee
Cast Ahn Sung-Ki, Ha Ji-won, Kang Dong-won & Song Young-chang
Genre Action
Country of origin South Korea
Release date 2005-09-08
Theme Hyeongsa, Revenge & 형사 Duelist
Place setting Joseon Dynasty, Russian Empire & Saint Petersburg
Time setting 19th Century
Location Russia
Script Hae-jyung Lee & Myung-se Lee
Cinematography Hwang Ki seok & Maksim Osadchy
Music Jo Seong woo
Runtime 108 min