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Can you stream the Crime, Horror & Thriller movie House of the Witchdoctor, directed by Devon Mikolas & starring Allan Kayser, Bill Moseley, Callie Stephens & Leslie Easterbrook on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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Evil wreaks pure havoc and bloody murder upon Leslie Van Hooten, a beautiful young girl, and her unsuspecting fellow grad students as they make their way to her family's extravagant and yet...

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Its release date is Tuesday September 16, 2014

Production details

DirectorDevon Mikolas
CastAllan Kayser, Bill Moseley, Callie Stephens & Leslie Easterbrook
GenreCrime, Horror & Thriller
Country of originThe United States
Release date2014-09-16
ScriptDevon Mikolas
Runtime87 min


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