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Can you stream the Documentary movie IMAX: Galapagos 3D, directed by Al Giddings & David Clark & starring Carole Baldwin, David Pawson, John E. McCosker & Kenneth Branagh on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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Part adventure, part scientific expedition, part personal quest, and part fantastic voyage, this unprecedented non-fiction film takes audiences on a journey with marine biologist Dr. Carole...

TAGLINE: "Explore a world full of mystery and wonder."

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Its release date is Wednesday October 27, 1999

Production details

DirectorAl Giddings & David Clark
CastCarole Baldwin, David Pawson, John E. McCosker & Kenneth Branagh
Country of originUnited States of America
Release date1999-10-27
Theme3d & Imax
ScriptBarry Clark & David Clark
Box Office Revenue$16,946,586
Runtime39 min

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IMAX: Galapagos 3D | Oct 27th, 1999

IMAX: Galapagos 3D
7.0/10 | By Al Giddings & David Clark
United States of America | Documentary