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Can you stream the Comedy movie Overnight Republic, directed by Murat Kepez & starring Büşra Pekin, Caglar Corumlu, Mahir İpek & Uğur Bilgin on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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Peker Mengen wins the post of mayor in a remote town with the promise of a visit by the prime minister and making the town a province. When the people do not forget his promise, Mengen ends...

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Its release date is Thursday April 20, 2017

Production details

Director Murat Kepez
Cast Büşra Pekin, Caglar Corumlu, Mahir İpek & Uğur Bilgin
Genre Comedy
Country of origin Turkey
Release date 2017-04-20
Theme Twins
Place setting Oman & Paris
Location London, Oman, Paris & Prague
Script Ayberk Sak, Eray Akyamaner, Murat Kepez, Sila Çetindag, Sükrü Özbey & Ugur Güvercin
Runtime 110 min
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