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After receiving an inheritance in Louisiana, Los Angeles reporter Irvin Fletcher heads to the Belle Isle plantation where he gets himself into hilarious trouble.

TAGLINE: "When there's more trouble than one man can handle...there's more than one man for the job."

Its release date is Friday March 17, 1989

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Topic Journalists & Saturday Night Live
Genre Comedy, Crime & Mystery
Country The United States
Director Michael Ritchie
Starring Chevy Chase, Hal Holbrook, Julianne Phillips & R. Lee Ermey
Place Los Angeles & Louisiana
Written by Gregory McDonald (character) & Leon Capetanos
Cinematography John McPherson
Music Harold Faltermeyer
Runtime 95 min

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Fletch | May 31st, 1985

6.9/10 | By Michael Ritchie
The United States | Comedy, Crime & Mystery
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