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WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

TAGLINE: "One of the greatest heroes in American history never fired a bullet."

Its release date is Friday October 7, 2016

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TopicBible, Biographical Military Personnel, Biography, Christianity, Conscientious Objector, Japan, Pacifism, Violent Father, War, World War Ii & WWII
GenreBiographical, Drama, History & War
CountryAustralia, Austria & The United States
DirectorMel Gibson
StarringAndrew Garfield, Luke Bracey, Sam Worthington & Vince Vaughn
PlaceJapan, Okinawa Prefecture, South Carolina & Virginia
Written byAndrew Knight (screenplay by) & Robert Schenkkan (screenplay by)
CinematographySimon Duggan
MusicRupert Gregson Williams
Runtime139 min

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