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Kim Hong-Joo (Kim Min-Jun) is a detective in the homicide unit. His team has a miserable record in solving cases and are badly behind in their arrest quota. Things look more promising when ...
Its release date is Thursday September 29, 2005

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TopicBullying, Dragons, Homelessness, Nuclear War Weapons & Orphans
DirectorHee-chang Son
StarringHeo Jun-Ho, Jang Hang-seon, Kim Min-joon & Tae-wook Kim
PlaceBahamas, London & United States
LocationAlmerí, Almería, Bahamas, Czech Republic, England, Florida, Germany, Monaco, Spain & Vancouver
Written bySeung-tae Ki
CinematographyJost Vacano
MusicKlaus Doldinger, Michel Legrand & Rachel Portman
Runtime111 min