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A group of teenage girls are terrorized by Sister Ursula, a nun that believes she must rid the world of all sin. After Sister Ursula mysteriously disappears, the Catholic school is shut ...

TAGLINE: "Pray you don't see her..."

Its release date is Thursday November 3, 2005

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TopicBarcelona Spain, Boarding Schools, Evil Nun, Exorcism, Extreme Violence, Gore, Murder, Religion & Faith, Ritual Murder, Subjective Camera, Violence & Water
GenreDrama, Horror, Mystery & Thriller
CountrySpain & United Kingdom
DirectorCorin Hardy & Luis de la Madrid
StarringAlistair Freeland, Anita Briem, Belen Blanco & Cristina Piaget
Time1940s & 1950s
LocationBarcelona, Bucharest & Romania
Written byJaume Balagueró (story) & Manu Díez (screenplay)
CinematographyMaxime Alexandre
MusicAbel Korzeniowski & Luc Suarez
Runtime101 min