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The main character is a nameless boy (Juan Jose Ballesta) who was taught to steal wallets by his absent mother. He is able to do the trick effortlessly, using his "earnings" to survive ...
Its release date is Wednesday August 8, 2007

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TopicBank Robbery, Organized Crime United States, Pickpocket, Poverty & Roman Catholicism
GenreAction, Adventure & Crime
DirectorChristian Gudegast & Jaime Marques
StarringCarlos Kaniowsky, Juan José Ballesta, María Valverde & Patrick Bauchau
PlaceLos Angeles & Rome
Written byEnrique López Lavigne (story), Jaime Marques, Jaime Marques (story) & Juan Ibáñez
CinematographyCarlo Montuori & Terry Stacey
MusicAlessandro Cicognini & Cliff Martinez
Runtime101 min

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7.0/10 | By Christian Gudegast
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