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A story of a blended family follows Liu Bi Yun and Jiang Tian Huai who became husband and wife in their second marriage. Each with children of their own, they not only face outside challenges in their career but also have to handle family members with very different personalities. They return to the city after ten years of separation. Liu Bi Yun's stepdaughter Jiang Mei and grandma are the instigators of many conflicts within the family but Liu Bi Yun never takes it to heart as she tries to be a good mother and a good influence
Its air date is Tuesday August 10, 2021

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Topic Families & Sisters
Genre Drama & Family
Starring Wang Yanhui, Yan Ni, Zhai Xiaowen & Zhang Yijie
First Air date 2021-08-10
Place Los Angeles
Location Los Angeles
Runtime 45