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Dark Skies is an American UFO conspiracy theory-based sci-fi television series that aired from the 1996 to 1997 season for 18 episodes, plus a two-hour pilot episode. The success of The X-Files on Fox proved there was an audience for science fiction shows, resulting in NBC commissioning this proposed competitor following a pitch from producers Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman. The series debuted September 21, 1996 on NBC, and was later rerun by the Sci-Fi Channel. Its tagline was "History as we know it is a lie."

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Its air date is Saturday September 21, 1996

Production details

CastEric Close, Jeri Ryan, Megan Ward & Tim Kelleher
GenreDrama & Sci-Fi & Fantasy
First Air date1996-09-21
ThemeAlien, Alien Invasion, Alternate History, Black Holes, Conspiracy Theory, Filicide & Missing People
Time setting1920s, 1987, 2020 & 2050s

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