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Based on Mo Shu Bai's novel of the same name, the story follows Liu Yuru, the daughter of a cloth merchant who suffered from a young age. She is married off to notorious playboy Gu Jiusi, who looks down on her. However, Liu Yuru decides to learn business from Gu's mother and becomes adept at it. She changes her view of Gu Jiusi and discovers his pure and sincere side. Meanwhile, the commander of Yangzhou causes chaos, forcing Gu's family to flee. Gu Jiusi matures and becomes the Minister of Revenue, working to lighten the tax burden on the people. Liu Yuru establishes a women's charity and builds business relationships to bring prosperity to the people. Together, they create a prosperous era.

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Its air date is Sunday June 18, 2023

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Cast Bai Jingting, Liu Xueyi, Song Yi & Zhang Haowei
Genre Drama
First Air date 2023-06-18
Runtime 45
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