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For some, the homeland is a home, family and friends. Others hear her echoes in the rustling of birches and crackling fire. Still others, leaving, are trying to take her piece with them, packing in a suitcase the woolen socks donated by their grandmother, and a family photo album. And there are also fourth, fifth, tenths ... The heroes of this film have long left Russia, live in America. They are struggling to corrupt everything Russian and become part of another culture. But life puts everything in its place, making clear a simple truth: you can leave Russia, but you can not stop being Russian.

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Its release date is Thursday February 20, 2020

Production details

Cast Dmitriy Nagiev, Elizaveta Moryak, Vladimir Yaglych & Yuriy Stoyanov
Genre Romance
Country of origin Russia
Release date 2020-02-20