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What Similar TV Shows are streaming online like the Action & Adventure, Drama & Sci-Fi & Fantasy tv show Doctor Who with Sophie Aldred & Sylvester McCoy & created by Donald Wilson & Sydney Newman?

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The adventures of a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey known only as the Doctor, who travels through time and space fighting monsters and other villainous megalomaniacs with companions.
Its air date is Saturday November 23, 1963

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TopicAlien, Cult Tv, Intergalactic Travel, Parallel Universes, Space, Tardis, Time Travel & Time Traveler
GenreAction & Adventure, Drama & Sci-Fi & Fantasy
CountryUnited Kingdom
CreatorDonald Wilson & Sydney Newman
StarringSophie Aldred & Sylvester McCoy
First Air date1963-11-23
MusicList of Doctor Who composers