Not many directors receive death threats after releasing a film. But not many directors are called Tom Six. Not many movies have been banned in a lot of countries, but then again, not all movies are called ‘The Human Centipede’. You don’t need a movie critic to tell you that the whole movie franchise is plain repugnant. Many label them as the most disgusting movies ever made.

Here an overview about what they are all about and where to stream or download the full movie.

Tom Six wanted to make every new movie more shocking than the other. Which is quite difficult to do as he also wants to market the movies as 100% medically accurate. If they are actually 100% medically accurate is difficult to say, but many experts say it should be possible. However, no-one should try it at home.

What the hell am I talking about? Medically accurate, possible but not to be tried at home? For those who are still not familiar with what the movie is all about:

‘Three People are connected anus to mount into what is called a human centipede.’

In case you have forgotten what a centipede looks like:

The first sequence of The Human Centipede came out in 2009. Dutch filmmaker Tom six is the mastermind behind it: he wrote, directed and co-produced part 1 and all other human centipede movies to come. Returning roles are there for Dieter Laser, Ashlynn Yennie, Ashley C. Williams & Akihiro Kitamura.

all three human centipede movies

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The Human Centipede 1

What’s it about?.

Dr. Josef Heiter is the star of The Human Centipede (First Sequence). The German surgeon has one big goals in life: connecting humans to for one human centipede.  He turns his basement into a place where he can bring kidnapped people, and surgically connects them to each other – mouth to anus. They end up becoming his pet centipede.

Where to stream it?

You would expect such a film difficult to be found online. And that’s actually a little true. Only Google Play and Microsoft have it available for renting online. You can, of course, buy it on DVD or Blu-ray via Amazon.

The Human Centipede 2 

What’s it about?

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) was released in 2011, and is a black and white movie. It’s about mentally handicapped security guard of a parking lot who is obsessed with part 1. In a very explicit sexual way. He wants to create his very own human centipede, 12 persons strong. He starts kidnapping people. In the end, when he succeeds he takes one extra disgusting step: he gives everybody laxatives.

Where to stream it?

The Human Centipede 2, the full movie, is much easier to be found than the debut movie. If you have a subscription you can watch it via Netflix, Hulu and & Shrudder. And you can buy it via Amazon Prime, Google Play or Itunes. Or you can of course get it on DVD.

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

What’s it about?

In The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey come back as the leading actors.  This time its about a prison filled with disobedient and violent prisoners. Instead of resorting to torture, they come up with the idea, based on the other The Human Centipede movies, to turn all of the prisoners into one big human centipede.

Where to stream it?

The Human Centipede 3 is just as easy to watchas part 2. If you have a subscription you can watch it via Netflix & Xfinity. And you can buy it via Amazon Prime, Google Play or Itunes. Or you can of course get it on Blu-ray.