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Can you stream the Horror, Thriller & TV Movie movie Buried Alive, directed by Frank Darabont & starring Hoyt Axton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Matheson & William Atherton on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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Clint is an every day working man whose wife Joanna is having an affair with a doctor. They plot to kill him and get the insurance money. Only trouble the drug overdose they give him ...

TAGLINE: "She planned on her husband's death. But not on his coming back for revenge."

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Its release date is Wednesday May 9, 1990

Production details

DirectorFrank Darabont
CastHoyt Axton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Matheson & William Atherton
GenreHorror, Thriller & TV Movie
Country of originThe United States
Release date1990-05-09
ThemeBuried Alive, Love Affair, Poison & Revenge
ScriptDavid A. Davies (story) & Mark Patrick Carducci (teleplay)
CinematographyGerard Loubeau & Jacques Haitkin
MusicFrédéric Talgorn
Runtime93 min


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