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Can you stream the Drama movie Merrick, directed by Benjamin Diouris & starring Affif Ben Badra, Marie Colomb, Mickaël Etrillard & Yoli Fuller on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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Ten years after a disease killed most of the human race, Stanislas Merrick, former boxing champion, survives near a lake. His reasons to live start to fade but Esther, a teenager escaped from a refugee camp, will change his life.

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Amazon Prime Video
Its release date is Sunday June 18, 2017

Production details

DirectorBenjamin Diouris
CastAffif Ben Badra, Marie Colomb, Mickaël Etrillard & Yoli Fuller
Country of originFrance
Release date2017-06-18
ThemeBoxer, Pandemic, Post-apocalyptic & Refugee
ScriptBenjamin Diouris
Runtime90 min

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Merrick | Jun 18th, 2017

5.7/10 | By Benjamin Diouris
France | Drama
Amazon Prime Video