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The Ritual to Beauty is a mixed media piece integrating the stylization of documentary and spoken word. Inspired by Shenny’s one-woman show “What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown?”, this piece invites you to witness the meaning of beauty through three generations of Dominican women. The grandmother, the mother, and the daughter. In learning about the ritual to beauty that was passed down to each woman, there is a pain buried deep in the denial of their blackness. It is only through the secret voice in the water, that the daughter is able to release herself from a pain she’s been holding onto since she was born. By forgiving herself and the women before her, will she finally see just how beautiful she is when she’s free?

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Its release date is Thursday April 29, 2021

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Country of originDominican Republic
Release date2021-04-29
ThemeDysfunctional Families, Gender, Homophobia Fiction, Sexual Repression, Sexuality Age Fiction & Suburbia
Place settingUnited States