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Inspired by her childhood, French-Korean filmmaker Ounie Lecomte recounts the emotional journey of a little girl abandoned by her father in an orphanage.

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Its release date is Wednesday November 27, 2002

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TopicCannibalism Fiction, Familicide Fiction, Federal Bureau Of Investigation Fiction, New French Extremism & Psychopaths
DirectorAlan Alda, Ounie Lecomte & Philippe Grandrieux
StarringAnna Mouglalis, Marc Barbé, Zachary Knighton & Zsolt Nagy
PlaceBaltimore, California, Prague & St. Louis
LocationAustria, Bora Bora, Czech Republic, Los Angeles, Seoul & West Virginia
Written byEric Vuillard, Ounie Lecomte & Philippe Grandrieux
CinematographyDante Spinotti, Dean Semler, Kelvin Pike, Kim Hyun seok, Michael Garafalo & Stéphane Fontaine
MusicDanny Elfman, Jim Sert, Joseph Turrin & Randy Edelman
Runtime92 min

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