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Following Kick-Ass' heroics, other citizens are inspired to become masked crusaders. But Red Mist leads his own group of evil supervillains to get revenge, kill Kick-Ass and destroy everything he stands for.

TAGLINE: "You Can't Fight Your Destiny."

Its release date is Wednesday July 17, 2013

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TopicAftercreditsstinger, Based On Comic, Crime Fighter, Good Vs Evil, Revenge, Secret Identity, Superhero, Teen Superhero & Teen Superheroes
GenreAction, Adventure & Crime
CountryThe United States & United Kingdom
DirectorJeff Wadlow
StarringAaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Clark Duke
PlaceNew York City
LocationLondon & Toronto
Written byJeff Wadlow (screenplay), John Romita Jr. (comic book) & Mark Millar (comic book)
CinematographyTim Maurice Jones
Runtime103 min

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