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Robai Private Academy is a well-known girls’ junior high school in the countryside. Komichi Akebi is a girl who, for a certain reason, has dreamed of wearing a Robai Academy sailor uniform. Her dream comes true, and her heart races as the day of the school entrance ceremony arrives. With her heart set on her new sailor uniform, Komichi embarks on the junior high school life of her dreams. Komichi dashes headlong through days full of “firsts”—classmates, school lunches, club activities, and more—in this sparkling diary of girlhood. “I hope I can make a lot of friends.”
Its air date is Sunday January 9, 2022

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Topic Anime, Based On Manga, Friendship, School & Slice Of Life
Genre Animation & Comedy
Starring Akari Kito, Manatsu Murakami, Shion Wakayama & Sora Amamiya
First Air date 2022-01-09
Runtime 24