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Gu Jue Zhuan follows Shang Gu, once a leader of the four immortals, who falls into a deep sleep after sacrificing herself in a trial that lasted 60,000 years. Shang Gu wakes up many years later, and memories of what happened 300 years ago were completely wiped. But her former lover, Bai Jue, never forgot about her. Sacrificing his reincarnation for her life, he waited for her for 60,000 years. Even when his soul disappears, Shang Gu will wait for him forever. Gu Jue Zhuan, previously known as Shang Gu, was first announced in 2014, but was stuck in production hell. Its based on the xianxia novel of the same name by Xing Ling (星零), first published in 2012.
Its air date is Thursday June 17, 2021

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Topic Ancient China, God, Historical Fiction, Immortal, Islam, Romance & Xianxia
Genre Action & Adventure & Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Creator Li Zhen Ru & Rao Jun
Starring Liu Xueyi, Xu Kai, Zhang Jiani & Zhou Dongyu
First Air date 2021-06-17
Place Ancient Egypt
Runtime 45