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The daily surreal adventures of a blue jay and raccoon duo that attempt to deal with their mundane jobs as groundskeepers at the local park.
Its air date is Monday September 6, 2010

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TopicAnthropomorphism, Friendship, High School Friends, New York City, Park, Racoon, Rock Culture, Slacker, Terrorism, Time Travel & Video Gamer
GenreAdventure, Animation & Comedy
CountryThe United States
CreatorJ.G. Quintel
StarringJ.G. Quintel, Mark Hamill, Roger Craig Smith & William Salyers
First Air date2010-09-06
PlaceD.C., Los Angeles, New York City, Terrorism, United States & Washington
LocationCalifornia, Los Angeles & Santa Clarita
MusicJan Stevens, Mark Mothersbaugh & Sean Callery