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Can you stream the Action & Adventure & Animation tv show K-Project, created by Bob Baker (scriptwriter) & starring Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono & Mikako Komatsu on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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Shiro is an easygoing teenager content with just being a student—until his seemingly perfect life is halted when a bloodthirsty clan, glowing red with fire, attempts to kill him in the streets. Unbeknownst to Shiro, he is suspected of murdering a member of their clan and will need a miracle to escape their vengeance. Miraculously, a young man named Kurou Yatogami swings in and aids Shiro in his getaway, only to reveal he's also after Shiro's life. Now a hunted man, Shiro will have to evade the clans of seven powerful kings and desperately try to prove his innocence—before it’s too late!

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Its air date is Saturday October 3, 2015

Production details

CreatorBob Baker (scriptwriter)
CastDaisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono & Mikako Komatsu
GenreAction & Adventure & Animation
Country of originAustralia & United Kingdom
First Air date2015-10-03
ThemeAlternative Present, Amnesia, Based On Manga, Dogs, Ensemble Cast, Gang, Rivalry, Super Power & Swordplay
Time setting2050s

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