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Can you stream the Sci-Fi & Fantasy tv show Space: 1999, created by Gerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson & starring Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, Nick Tate & Tony Anholt on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

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Its air date is Thursday September 4, 1975

Production details

CreatorGerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson
CastBarbara Bain, Martin Landau, Nick Tate & Tony Anholt
GenreSci-Fi & Fantasy
Country of originTelevision in the United Kingdom
First Air date1975-09-04
ThemeFuture, Moon, Space & Space Exploration
Time setting1999 & 2000s
MusicDerek Wadsworth
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