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While receiving a routine check-up, a beautiful woman is stalked by a maniac out to avenge a childhood Valentine's Day humiliation.

TAGLINE: "You Have Nothing to Fear… Until They Operate!"

Its release date is Friday October 16, 1981

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TopicHospital, Mass Murder, Murder, Nurse, Revenge, Serial Killer, Stalking, Valentine, Valentine's Day & X Ray Vision Fiction
GenreHorror & Thriller
CountryThe United States
DirectorBoaz Davidson
StarringBarbi Benton, Charles Lucia, John Warner Williams & Jon Van Ness
PlaceLos Angeles
Time1961 & 1980
LocationLos Angeles
Written byBoaz Davidson (story) & Marc Behm (screenplay)
CinematographyFloyd Crosby & Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
MusicArlon Ober & Les Baxter
Runtime89 min

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