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While traveling by train, a young socialite is befriended by a charming yet enigmatic older woman. However, when the woman disappears, the other passengers deny she ever existed.
Its release date is Sunday March 17, 2013

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Genre Drama & Thriller
Country United Kingdom
Director Diarmuid Lawrence
Starring Julian Rhind-Tutt, Keeley Hawes, Tom Hughes & Tuppence Middleton
Time 1930s
Location Hungary
Written by Ethel Lina White (novel) & Fiona Seres (screenplay)
Runtime 90 min

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Emma | Oct 2nd, 1996

6.7/10 | By Diarmuid Lawrence & Douglas McGrath
United Kingdom | Comedy, Drama & Romance
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The Spiral Staircase | Feb 6th, 1946

The Spiral Staircase
7.4/10 | By Robert Siodmak
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Spiral | Jan 1st, 2007

7.5/10 | By Adam Green, Joel David Moore & Robert Siodmak
The United States | Drama & Thriller
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