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A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear--but is it real or a product of her delusion?

TAGLINE: "Is she or isn't she?"

Its release date is Friday March 23, 2018

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TopicFear, Mental Hospitals & Insane Asylums, Mental Institution, Psychiatry, Psychological Disorders, Self Harm, Stalkers & Stalking
GenreDrama, Horror & Thriller
CountryThe United States
DirectorSteven Soderbergh
StarringClaire Foy, Jay Pharoah, Joshua Leonard & Juno Temple
PlacePsychiatric Hospitals
Written byJames Greer & Jonathan Bernstein
CinematographySteven Soderbergh
MusicThomas Newman
Runtime97 min

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