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Laurie Strode, now the dean of a Northern California private school with an assumed name, must battle the Shape one last time and now the life of her own son hangs in the balance.

TAGLINE: "Blood is thicker than Water."

Its release date is Wednesday August 5, 1998

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TopicBoarding School, Brother, California, Educators, Fratricide Fiction, Halloween, New Identity, School Party, Sister & Witness Protection
GenreHorror & Thriller
CountryThe United States
DirectorSteve Miner
StarringAdam Arkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett & Michelle Williams
Written byDebra Hill (characters), John Carpenter (characters), Matt Greenberg (screenplay), Robert Zappia (screenplay) & Robert Zappia (story)
CinematographyDaryn Okada
MusicJohn Ottman
Runtime86 min

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